TADECO Livelihood

TADECO Livelihood

Company Background

The TADECO Livelihood and Training Center (TLTC) has been providing livelihood programs for the youth through the TADECO Youth Development council (TYDC) and for the families of the banana plantation workers since 1989 under the management and initiative of the creative director Ma. Cristina Floirendo – Brias.

The Center was primarily established to encourage its members to engage in more productive activities which can help augment their monetary income and to divert the youth from harmful vices particularly drug addiction. They were trained to manufacture handmade native products such scrap books, picture frames, lanterns and other natural paper processed from banana, pineapple or abaca fibers made into stationeries, paper bags, gift-boxes and other environment-friendly novelty items.

The Stoneware Pottery Inc.


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