King Multi-Purpose Cooperative

King Multipurpose Cooperative better known as King MPC is a home grown cooperative in Davao City. Duly registered with the Cooperative Development Authority that started as an informal association from the Bureau of Agriculture Extension – Region XI back in 1967. Registered as Ministry of Agriculture Coop, Inc. at Bureau of Coop Development in April 15, 1981and initiated by 600 members with Mr. Juan Y. “Tatang” Solomon as the Founding Father and an initial capital of P179, 000.00. Today, King Multipurpose Cooperative continues to grow, through its branches and satellite offices all over Mindanao with Davao City as its Head Office, serving a total membership of over 40,000 and a total asset of more than P1 Billion. Surely, with God’s guidance, King MPC will work with: Integrity, Excellence, Unity and Transparency in Making Lives Better.



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