We Strengthen Community.


The group was launched during the MTE 2017 with their brand “NASABEKA” featuring the enhance homestyle and wearable products inspired by the rich culture of Matigsalug Tribe.

AOFF Partnership

Don Antonio O. Floirendo, Sr. Foundation (AOFF) and TADECO Livelihood and Training Center (TLTC) Gift Giving for TCHAD Basketry Weavers, a Matigsalug Tribe at Brgy. Buda, Marilog District.


Talogoy Handicraft is a group of Indigenous People (IP) named “Tagakaolo” tribe based in Malita, Davao Occidental. The group learns to harvest an indigenous material called Nito. They actively transformed the material into unique high quality products for fashion, home décor and houseware. The group aims to be known and gain livelihood in the community.


TCHAD is also a group of Matigsalug IP’s in Brgy. Buda Marilog District. They produced Baskets and accessories made from “Bocaue”, ‘Bagtok” or Bamboo as their hobby and part of their daily lives.

WOW Carmen

To partly solve the community’s problem of flooding caused by a promising raw material, water hyacinth; MTEFI developed a group in Carmen, Davao del Norte in 2015.